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Can Mobile Fleet Washing Save Your Company Money?

More than 90 percent of food and consumer products in the country are shipped by truck, making transportation vital to the economy. Due to the growing global economy, the demand for transportation services in Canada will significantly grow through 2020. As a fleet owner or manager, looking for ways to cut costs is vital your operations. While spending money on … Continue reading

How Often You Should Be Pressure Washing Your Commercial Property

Contrary to popular belief, making a great first impression does not start with a smile and warm welcome when a visitor walks through the door. It begins with the first thing they see—the outside of your property. A well-maintained exterior demonstrates pride in your operation. When a customer sees that you made the effort to care for your commercial property, … Continue reading

Commercial Power Washing – When Appearance is Key

When first impressions are everything, pressure washing can help your commercial property maintain its curb appeal. Business owners can agree that dirt, graffiti, and other contaminants negatively impact their business, while customers agree that appearance is a large factor in determining their use of it’s services. See how taking the time to upkeep the appearance of your business is not only … Continue reading

6 Essentials for Fleet Owners to Start 2017 Off Right

Each new year starts with a resolution. For fleet managers, this resolution often involves improving productivity, driver retention and customer service. As you wrap up 2016 and welcome 2017, integrating fleet washing could help your company and its drivers excel in ways you never imagined. Jumpstart the new year by integrating tips that will put your company’s best “foot” forward … Continue reading

Why You Should Care About Pressure Washer Runoff

The proverb “out of sight, out of mind” is simple to follow when you’re cleaning with a pressure washer. You simply wash a surface and the wastewater goes down the drain. No problem, right? The truth is that this type of wastewater is a major concern as over 150 billion litres of wastewater enters Canada’s waterways each year, affecting the … Continue reading