Reliable, Efficient Pressure Washing Services for Your Industry

Scotts Pressure Wash has provided industry-leading service to a wide variety of commercial clients for fifty years. We offer competitive pricing, unrivaled customer service and cutting edge, environmentally responsible cleaning products. Scotts is ready to meet the demands of any client. State of the art hot water power washing equipment, a fleet of more than twenty five mobile units, water recovery capability, and dry ice blasting – all with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Landa Showroom2Sales & Services

If you want professional grade power washing, but don’t want to contract with a service, we’ve just made your life easier. Scotts Pressure Wash now sells top-of-line pressure washing equipment to assist in your next pressure washing project. In addition we’re also providing maintenance services for customers. Find out more about new products & services and how we can help your business. Learn More »

Mobile FleetsMobile Fleet Washing

Looking for affordable, reliable fleet washing services? At Scotts Pressure Wash, we understand how important it is for your company’s fleet to maintain a clean image. Out on the road, your trucks are mobile advertisements for your business. Find out how your trucks can project the best image for your business, with regular fleet cleaning from Scotts now. Learn More »

Heavy EquipmentHeavy Equipment

On the job, your heavy duty construction equipment often requires urgent cleaning service. Scotts provides immediate pressure washing services for heavy equipment, and we’ll come to you. Learn more about our reliable, same day service and schedule a cleaning now for all of your heavy equipment needs. Learn More »

Rail IndustryRail Industry

The management of railcars demands timely and unique cleaning requirements. Scotts will power wash your railcars in an environmentally sound, cost effective way that satisfies the demands of your specialized industry. Find out about graffiti removal, pressure washing for railcars, remote cleaning services, high volume jobs and how Scotts is ready to help. Learn More »

Commercial PropertyCommercial Property

Commercial Property owners know the appearance of their properties dictates value in the marketplace. Warehouse Managers understand the importance of maintaining a clean, safe workplace. For fast, reliable service for your commercial properties, contact Scotts now and learn more about our environmentally conscious cleaning methods. Immediately attend to urgent spills, regularly clean interior and exterior surfaces, keep commercial tenants happy with our services. Learn More »

Dry Ice BlastingDry Ice Blasting

Scotts offers this cutting-edge cleaning method for fast, cost effective treatment of industrial plants and equipment. Eliminate harmful, external contaminants when you contract our Dry Ice Blasting services. Learn more about this amazing service, and let us demonstrate how Dry Ice Blasting can work for your business. Learn More »

Truck Wash BaysTruck Wash Bays

Time is money when your trucks are on the road. With three newly renovated wash bays, Scotts provides the best interior and exterior cleaning services at our drive through locations. Trained technicians do all the work for you when you bring your rig to us for regular power washing service. Learn more about our new water softener and spot-free rinse, and how easy it is to keep your truck’s exterior looking brand new. Learn More »